Table of Contents

 1     Scope            
 2     References   
 3     Definitions   
        3.1     Terms defined elsewhere
        3.2     Optical access architecture terms 
        3.3     Optical parameters, power and loss budget terms     
        3.4     Transmission convergence layer terms        
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms  
 5     Conventions
        5.1     Optical access concepts  
        5.2     Power and loss budget parameters               
        5.3     Sensitivity and overload in the presence of FEC       
        5.4     Reach and distance         
        5.5     Use of the term PON       
        5.6     Use of the term ODN       
        5.7     Use of the terms ONU and ONT   
        5.8     Use of the terms T-CONT and Alloc-ID      
        5.9     Use of the terms bandwidth assignment and bandwidth allocation