Table of Contents

 1     Scope          
 2     References
 3     Definitions 
        3.1     Terms defined elsewhere          
        3.2     Terms defined in this Recommendation              
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms
 5     Conventions and terminology            
        5.1     ONT and ONU
        5.2     Data encapsulation method and deprecation of ATM transport  
        5.3     Traffic monitoring versus non-status-reporting 
        5.4     Bandwidth assignment versus bandwidth allocation       
        5.5     G-PON time division multiplexing architecture  
        5.6     Disambiguation of the concept of frame            
        5.7     Concepts associated with upstream physical layer overhead       
 6     G-PON system architecture 
        6.1     Network architecture and reference configuration         
        6.2     Parameters of the GTC layer    
        6.3     Functional blocks         
        6.4     Interoperability between G-PON and B-PON      
 7     G-PON transmission convergence layer overview       
        7.1     GTC protocol stack      
        7.2     GTC key functions        
        7.3     Functions of Sublayers in GTC  
        7.4     Dynamic bandwidth assignment             
        7.5     Resource allocation and quality of service (QoS)             
 8     GTC layer framing   
        8.1     Downstream GTC frame structure         
        8.2     Upstream burst structure          
        8.3     Mapping of GEM frames into GTC payload         
        8.4     Status reporting DBA signalling and configuration           
 9     GTC messages          
        9.1     PLOAM message format           
        9.2     Control messages        
10     Activation method 
       10.1     Overview       
       10.2     Activation mechanism at the ONU       
       10.3     OLT support of the activation process 
       10.4     OLT and ONU timing relationships       
       10.5     Power levelling           
11     Alarms and performance monitoring             
       11.1     Alarms            
       11.2     Performance monitoring         
12     Security     
       12.1     Basic threat model     
       12.2     Encryption system      
       12.3     Data encryption key exchange              
       12.4     Data encryption key switch-over          
13     Forward error correction    
       13.1     Introduction 
       13.2     Downstream FEC        
       13.3     Upstream FEC             
       13.4     ONU activation transmissions
14     OMCI transport mechanism
       14.1     OMCI transport schema           
       14.2     OMCI adapters            
Annex A – Implementers' guide for Recommendation ITU-T G.984.3    
        A.1     Introduction  
        A.2     AES mechanism and golden vectors      
        A.3     FEC encoding golden vector    
        A.4     Scrambler diagram      
        A.5     A downstream frame example
        A.6     ONU activation process            
        A.7     PLOAM messages        
        A.8     Transmitter block diagram       
Annex B – Enhanced Security Capabilities    
        B.1     Introduction  
        B.2     Secure mutual authentication and data key encryption  
        B.3     G-PON systems with reduced data encryption strength 
Annex C – PON-ID maintenance    
        C.1     Introduction  
        C.2     PON-ID PLOAM message          
Annex D PLOAM channel enhancements    
        D.1     Introduction  
        D.2     New downstream PLOAM message types          
        D.3     New downstream PLOAM message descriptions             
        D.4     Modified activation state diagram        
Annex E ONU Power Management    
        E.1     Introduction   
        E.2     PLOAM channel modification  
        E.3     Bandwidth map flag modification          
        E.4     Alarm modification     
        E.5     ONU power management protocol       
Appendix I – Transport of user traffic over GEM channels    
        I.1     Mapping of GEM frames into the GTC payload   
        I.2     TDM over GEM              
        I.3     Ethernet over GEM       
        I.4     SDH over GEM
        I.5     IP over GEM    
        I.6     MPLS over GEM            
Appendix II – Survivability in GTC-based systems    
Appendix III – GEM header error control decoding    
Appendix IV – OLT activation procedures overview    
       IV.1     Common part
       IV.2     ONU-specific part       
       IV.3     Automatic ONU Discovery Method       
       IV.4     POPUP process            
Appendix V – Downstream line data pattern conditioning    
        V.1     Idle pattern control     
        V.2     Intentional PON disruption       
Appendix VI ONU registration methods    
       VI.1     Authentication by serial number            
       VI.2     Authentication by PLOAM password     
       VI.3     Other forms of authentication
Appendix VII Time of day derivation and error analysis