Recommendation ITU-T G.984.3 describes the transmission convergence layer for gigabit-capable passive optical networks a family of flexible access networks capable of providing a range of broadband and narrow-band services, operating at the rates of 2.48832 Gbit/s downstream and 1.24416 or 2.48832 Gbit/s upstream. This Recommendation includes the specifications of the following:

gigabit PON transmission convergence (GTC) layer framing;

upstream time division multiple access mechanism;

physical layer operation, administration and maintenance (OAM) messaging channel;

principles and signalling mechanism of the upstream dynamic bandwidth assignment;

optical network unit (ONU) activation method;

forward error correction;


This Recommendation forms an integral part of the G.984-series of ITU-T Recommendations that, together, specify a single coherent set of access transmission systems.