1     Scope
 2     References
        2.1     Normative references
        2.2     Informative references
 3     Terms and definitions
        3.1     Definitions
                  3.1.1     Optical tributary signal
                  3.1.2     Optical tributary signal class NRZ 2.5G
                  3.1.3     Optical tributary signal class NRZ 10G
                  3.1.4     Optical Transmission Section of order 1 (OTS1)
                  3.1.5     Optical Transmission Section of order n (OTSn)
                  3.1.6     Pre-OTN
        3.2     Terms defined in other Recommendations
 4     Abbreviations
 5     Classification of optical interfaces
        5.1     Applications
        5.2     Reference points
        5.3     Nomenclature
        5.4     Multichannel inter-domain interfaces
                  5.4.1     Amplified short-haul multichannel inter-domain interfaces
                  5.4.2     Non-amplified intra-office multichannel inter-domain interfaces
                  5.4.3     Non-amplified short-haul multichannel inter-domain interfaces
        5.5     Single channel inter-domain interfaces
        5.6     Management signal implementations
 6     Transverse compatibility
 7     Parameter definitions
        7.1     System operating wavelength range
        7.2     Parameters
                  7.2.1     General information
                  7.2.2     Interface at point MPI-SM
                  7.2.3     Optical path (single span) from point MPI-SM to MPI-RM
                  7.2.4     Interface at point MPI-RM
                  7.2.5     Interface at point SM-S
                  7.2.6     Optical path from point SM-Sto RS-M
                  7.2.7     Interface at point RS-M
 8     Parameter values
        8.1     Multichannel IrDI
        8.2     Single channel IrDI
 9     Optical safety considerations
10     Power level management
Annex A – Configuration for method a for assessment of single channel characteristics  in a multichannel IrDI
        A.1     Reference configuration
Annex B – Reference optical bandpass filter and reference receiver characteristics for Method B,  for assessment of single channel characteristics in a multichannel IRDI
        B.1     Reference configuration
        B.2     Reference optical bandpass filter
                  B.2.1     Optical filter parameters
        B.3     Reference receiver
Appendix I – Single channel client interfaces with 3R regeneration
        I.1     Introduction
        I.2     Description of client signal interfaces with 3R regeneration
Appendix II – Clarification of use of reference points within IrDI and IaDI
Appendix III – Considerations for management signal implementations
      III.1     Optical Channel management signal implementation
      III.2     Optical Multiplex Section and Optical Transmission Section management signal implementation
Appendix IV – Future IaDI considerations
       IV.1     Additional interfaces to consider
       IV.2     ONE transfer parameters
Appendix V – Application of the optical signal to noise floor ratio, OSNFR
        V.1     Definition of the optical signal to noise floor ratio
        V.2     Validity of the parameter
        V.3     Non-compliance with the IrDI specifications
        V.4     Alternative control methods