Recommendation ITU-T G.8113.1/Y.1372.1 specifies mechanisms for user-plane operations, administration and maintenance (OAM) in multi-protocol label switching transport profile (MPLS‑TP) networks to meet the MPLS-TP OAM requirements specified in IETF RFC 5860. It also specifies the MPLS-TP OAM packet formats, syntax and semantics of MPLS-TP OAM packet fields.

The OAM mechanisms described in this Recommendation assume common forwarding of the MPLS‑TP user packets and MPLS-TP OAM packets. In transport networks, the OAM return path is always in‑band.

The MPLS-TP OAM mechanisms described in this Recommendation apply to co-routed bidirectional point-to-point MPLS-TP connections. Unidirectional point-to-point and point‑to‑multipoint MPLS‑TP connections will be addressed in a future edition of this Recommendation.

This Recommendation is compliant with the transport profile of MPLS as specified by the Internet Engineering Task Force [b-IETF RFC 5654]. In the event of a misalignment in MPLS-TP-related architecture, framework and protocols between this ITU-T Recommendation and the normatively referenced IETF RFCs, the requests for comments (RFCs) will take precedence.