Recommendation ITU-T G.8052.2/Y.1346.2 (08/2021) Resilience information/data models for the Ethernet transport network element
Table of Contents
1 Scope
2 References
3 Definitions
     3.1 Terms defined elsewhere
4 Abbreviations and acronyms
5 Conventions
     5.1 Information modelling conventions
          5.1.1 UML modelling conventions
          5.1.2 Model artefact lifecycle stereotypes conventions
          5.1.3 Forwarding entity terminology conventions
          5.1.4 Conditional package conventions
          5.1.5 Pictorial diagram conventions
6 Carrier Ethernet resilience functions
     6.1 Ethernet linear protection function
     6.2 Ethernet ring protection function
7 Ethernet protection information model
     7.1 Ethernet linear protection information model
          7.1.1 ITU-T G.8052 base object classes considered for Ethernet linear protection
          7.1.2 Ethernet linear protection attributes and operations
          7.1.3 Relationship with the IEEE 802.1Qcx CFM reverse-engineered UML
          7.1.4 Relationship with the IEEE 802.1Q bridge reverse-engineered UML
     7.2 Ethernet ring protection information model
          7.2.1 Touch point approaches
          7.2.2 Ethernet ring protection object classes
          7.2.3 Ethernet ring protection attributes and operations
     7.3 UML model files
8 Ethernet protection data models
     8.1 Ethernet protection YANG data models
          8.1.1 Ethernet linear protection YANG data model
          8.1.2 Ethernet ring protection YANG data model
Appendix I  Examples of ELP configuration with IEEE 802.1Q bridges
     I.1 Setup of an ETH SCN with ELP protection
     I.2 Adding ELP configuration on existing ETH SCN
     I.3 ELP removal keeping working path
     I.4 ELP removal keeping protection path