Recommendation ITU-T G.7710/Y.1701 addresses the equipment management functions (EMFs) inside a transport network element that are common to multiple technologies. For example, common applications are described for date and time, fault management, configuration management, account management, performance management and security management. These applications result in the specification of common EMF functions and their requirements.

The 2019 revision of this Recommendation incorporated the following:

Recommendation ITU-T G.7710/Y.1701 Amendment 1 (9/2016):

Create new clause 12 for control plane function management, including fault event reporting for controller-based restoration.

The 2020 revision of this Recommendation has incorporated the following major updates:

Update clauses 6 and 7 to harmonize with ITU-T G.874, ITU-T G.8051, and ITU-T G.8151;

Replace the term EMS with MCS;

Update Figure 3 to use ODUk and packet-based connections for inter-site communications additionally;

Update Figure 4 for hybrid NE of management network that supports both a media layer and digital layers;

Update Figures 7 and 62 to replace cZZZ-value with MI_cZZZ;

Update Figure 22 and clause 8.8 to replace XXX_Reported with ZZZ_Reported to align with ITU-T G.806.

Amendment 1 (Edition 5.1) adds specifications for administrative state management in clause 8.15 and Appendix IV. The numbers of the tables and figures are re-sequenced within each clause of the Recommendation.