1     Scope 
 2     References 
 3     Terms and definitions       
        3.1     Definitions 
        3.2     Terms defined in other Recommendations   
 4     Abbreviations   
 5     Classification of optical interfaces 
        5.1     Applications          
        5.2     Reference and physical configurations         
 6     Parameter definitions        
        6.1     System operating wavelength range
        6.2     Transmitter
        6.3     Optical path           
        6.4     Receiver 
 7     Optical parameter values  
 8    Optical engineering approach       
        8.1     Design assumptions
        8.2     Non-linearities       
        8.3     Dispersion accommodation
        8.4     Standalone amplifiers         
        8.5     Upgradability considerations          
        8.6     Optical safety considerations          
Annex A – Extinction ratio and eye mask penalties    
        A.1     Measurement parameters  
        A.2     Extinction ratio penalty      
        A.3     Eye mask penalty  
        A.4     Receiver sensitivity
Appendix I – Polarization mode dispersion    
        I.1        The statistical distribution of PMD
        I.2        The path penalty due to PMD      
Appendix II – Description of SPM as dispersion accommodation    
       II.1     SPM basics           
       II.2     Using self phase modulation as a dispersion accommodation technique        
       II.3     SPM-breakdown   
       II.4     Optical parameter values for applications    
       II.5     Source type           
       II.6     Eye pattern mask   
       II.7     Receiver 
Appendix III – Dispersion accommodation by means of DST    
      III.1     Introduction           
      III.2     Principle of the DST technique       
      III.3     Optical receiver eye pattern mask after dispersive fibre transmission
      III.4     Parameter definitions          
      III.5     Optical parameter values    
Appendix IV – Measurement of the chirp parameter a of the optical transmit signal    
       IV.1     Measurement set-up         
       IV.2     Technical requirements for the measuring equipment          
       IV.3     Calibration
       IV.4     Measurement procedure   
       IV.5     Data processing    
       IV.6     Examples and interpretation of data           
Appendix V – Upgradability considerations