Table of Contents

 1     Scope        
 2     References             
 3     Definitions
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms           
 5     Conventions           
 6     Wideband E-model
        6.1     Introduction 
        6.2     Transmission rating scale of the wideband E-model    
 7     The structure and basic algorithms of the wideband E-model            
        7.1     Calculation of the transmission rating factor, R           
        7.2     Basic signal-to-noise ratio, Ro,WB      
        7.3     Simultaneous impairment factor, Is,WB          
        7.4     Delay impairment factor, Id,WB         
        7.5     Equipment impairment factor, Ie,WB
        7.6     Advantage factor, A  
        7.7     Default values           
Annex A – MOS values derived from the transmission rating factor R