Table of Contents

 1     Scope          
 2     References 
 3     Definitions 
        3.1     Terms defined elsewhere           
        3.2     Terms defined in this Recommendation 
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms
 5     Conventions             
 6     Open USN service description and characteristics        
 7     Requirements for the open USN service platform          
        7.1     Requirements to communicate with heterogeneous USN middleware          
        7.2     Requirements of the open USN service platform 
        7.3     Requirements for linking the LOD          
        7.4     Requirements for applications  
        7.5     Requirements for USN resources and sensed data/semantic data   
 8     Functional architecture of the open USN service framework     
        8.1     Functional architecture              
        8.2     Functional entities        
Appendix I – Information flow in the open USN service framework    
        I.1     USN resource registration           
        I.2     Sensed data/semantic data access from Semantic USN repository FE           
        I.3     Sensed data access from USN resources 
Appendix II – Use cases of the open USN service platform    
       II.1     Traffic information service using the open USN service platform