The International Telecommunication Regulations deal with the requirement to provide at least a form of telecommunication which is reasonably accessible to the public, including those who may not be subscribers to a specific telecommunication service. Traditionally the international public telegram service has been the most common means of filling this need. Resolution No. 6 (World Administrative Telegraph and Telephone Conference, Melbourne, 1988) resolves that provision should be made to allow continued availability of traditional services as perceived by the customer, although the communication infrastructure used to provide that service may vary. In continuing to provide a telegram-type service, Administrations should agree either to operate a telegram service in accordance with Recommendation F.1, a telemessage service in accordance with Recommendation F.40, both the telegram and the telemessage services, or to come to some other bilaterally agreed arrangement.  This Recommendation defines the procedure that shall be followed for interworking between the telemessage service and the international public telegram service, where Administrations provide one service or the other and no other specific agreement has been reached.