Table of Contents

 1     Scope          
 2     References
 3     Definitions 
        3.1     Terms defined elsewhere        
        3.2     Terms defined in this Recommendation            
 4     Abbreviations and acronyms             
 5     Conventions             
 6     Assessment of quality of service     
        6.1     QoS background           
        6.2     QoS assessment process          
        6.3     Basic settings for QoS assessments      
        6.4     Service independent QoS criteria         
        6.5     Service dependent QoS criteria             
7     Definition of quality of service parameters and their computation   
        7.1     QoS parameter basics
        7.2     Service independent QoS parameters
        7.3     Direct services QoS parameters             
        7.4     Store‑and‑forward services QoS parameters  
 8     Typical procedures for quality of service measurement equipment 
        8.1     Aim of measurement 
        8.2     Classification of services           
        8.3     General aspects for all types of services            
        8.4     Telephony measurements      
        8.5     Store-and-forward services measurement      
        8.6     Data measurements   
 9     Requirements for quality of service measurement equipment          
        9.1     Overview        
        9.2     General requirements               
        9.3     Fixed QoS test equipment (FQT)           
        9.4     Mobile QoS test equipment (MQT)     
        9.5     Mobile based measurement equipment           
10     Definition of typical measurement profiles
       10.1     Measurement profiles             
11     Post processing and statistical methods      
       11.1     Important measurement data types in mobile communications            
       11.2     Distributions and moments    
       11.3     Visualization techniques          
       11.4     Time series modelling               
       11.5     Data aggregation        
       11.6     Assessment of performance indices  
12     Network based quality of service measurements   
       12.1     Network measurement basics              
       12.2     Measuring QoS parameters in the network    
       12.3     Comparing network and end-point test measurements           
Appendix I – Examples for measuring trigger points    
Appendix II – Streaming explanations    
Appendix III – Push to talk over cellular information    
      III.1     Signal grouping              
      III.2     PoC service registration             
      III.3     PoC publish     
      III.4     PoC session initiation, originating part 
      III.5     PoC session initiation, terminating part              
      III.6     Media Streaming          
      III.7     Talk burst request        
      III.8     Leaving PoC session    
      III.9     Deregistration
Appendix IV – QoS parameter export    
       IV.1     Overview       
       IV.2     XML bodies   
Appendix V – Parameters with an impact on the effect of blocking    
        V.1     What is blocking?        
        V.2     Which parameters have an impact on the effect of blocking? 
        V.3     The standards               
        V.4     The situation 
        V.5     Possible solutions       
Appendix VI – Reference SMS or SDS message    
Appendix VII – Content integrity checking    
      VII.1     HTTP
      VII.2     FTP   
      VII.3     MMS
Appendix VIII – Transfer times versus used data rate and content size    
Appendix IX – Examples of statistical calculations    
       IX.1     Confidence intervals for binomial distribution
       IX.2     Transition from binomial to normal distribution             
       IX.3     Definitions of EG 201 769         
       IX.4     Calculation of confidence intervals      
       IX.5     Different sample sizes              
       IX.6     Calculation methods  
       IX.7     Reporting of results   
Appendix X – The concept of QoE reporting    
Appendix XI – Examples of network based QoS measurements    
       XI.1     Accessibility and retainability parameters         
       XI.2     Media quality parameters       
       XI.3     Response time parameters    
       XI.4     Data rate parameters
Appendix XII – 3GPP SA5 "UE management"