1     Scope
2     References
 3     Definitions
 4     Abbreviations
 5     Expansion Plan overview
 6     Phase I
        6.1     Selected Phase I expansion plan
                  6.1.1     Country Code for geographic areas
                  6.1.2     Country Code for global service
                  6.1.3     Country Code for Networks
        6.2     Transition to Phase I
        6.3     Implementation of Phase I
 7     Phase II
 8     Recommendation History
Annex A - E.164 Country Code Expansion Report
        A.1     Scope
        A.2     Assumptions
        A.3     Assessment criteria
                  A.3.1     End user considerations
                  A.3.2     Network operation considerations
                  A.3.3     Numbering resource utilization/efficiency
                  A.3.4     Support of competitive market structure
                  A.3.5     Uniform availability of numbers
                  A.3.6     Evolution/transition
                  A.3.7     Administration
                  A.3.8     Not impose disproportionate burden
        A.4     Description and discussion of proposed expansion options
                  A.4.1     Phase I - Country Code Expansion options - No changes required
                  A.4.2     Phase II - Country Code Expansion options - Changes required
                  A.4.3     Description of Expansion options
Appendix I - Rationale for Elimination of Expansion Options
        I.1     Shared Country Codes for regional areas
        I.2     Bibliography