1     Introduction           
 2     Scope        
 3     References             
 4     Definitions
        4.1     country code (CC) for geographic areas          
        4.2     country code (CC) for global services 
        4.3     country code (CC) for groups of countries       
        4.4     country code (CC) for networks          
        4.5     country code (CC) for trials   
        4.6     destination network (DN) code           
        4.7     global service            
        4.8     global subscriber number (GSN)         
        4.9     group identification code (GIC)           
       4.10     group identification code administrator (GICA)           
       4.11     groups of countries (GoC)     
       4.12     identification code (IC)         
       4.13     Network      
       4.14     trial identification codes       
       4.15     trials            
 5     Abbreviations         
 6     International ITU-T E.164-number structure
        6.1     International ITU-T E.164-number length        
        6.2     Structure of the international ITU-T E.164-number      
        6.3     Assignment of country codes (CCs)     
        6.4     Assignment of identification codes, group identification codes and trial identification codes    
 7     International ITU-T E.164-number for geographic areas       
        7.1     Country code for geographic areas    
        7.2     National (significant) number
        7.3     Prefixes        
        7.4     National numbering plan       
        7.5     Digit analysis             
 8     International ITU-T E.164-number for global services            
        8.1     Country code for global services        
        8.2     Global subscriber number     
        8.3     Digit analysis             
        8.4     Evolution path to an international ITU-T E.164-number for global services        
 9     International ITU-T E.164-number for Networks       
        9.1     Country code for Networks    
        9.2     Identification code    
        9.3     Subscriber numbers  
        9.4     Digit analysis             
10     International ITU-T E.164-number for groups of countries   
       10.1     Country code for groups of countries
       10.2     Group identification code     
       10.3     Subscriber numbers 
       10.4     Digit analysis            
11     International ITU-T E.164-numbering resources for Trials    
12     International prefix            
13     Recommendation history  
Annex A – Clarification and explanation of the structure and function of international ITU-T E.164-numbers    
        A.1     Scope           
        A.2     Structure      
        A.3     Number length         
        A.4     Unique identification of international ITU-T E.164-number for geographic areas           
        A.5     Unique identification of international ITU-T E.164-number for global services  
        A.6     Unique identification of international ITU-T E.164-number for Networks           
        A.7     Unique identification of international ITU-T E.164-number for groups of countries        
        A.8     Non-ITU-T E.164 numbers     
Annex B – Application of international ITU-T E.164-numbers for ISDN    
        B.1     Scope           
        B.2     ISDN numbers           
        B.3     Addressing   
        B.4     Dialling procedures  
        B.5     Network identification           
        B.6     Service parameters  
        B.7     Calling/connected line identity