1     General
 2     Notation for National and International Telephone Numbers
 3     Notation for Electronic Mail Addresses
 4     Notation for Web Addresses
 5     Classes of symbols
 6     Diallable symbols
 7     Procedural symbols
        7.1     International prefix symbol
        7.2     Use of parentheses
        7.3     Multiple numbers reached through automatic search
        7.4     Multiple numbers without automatic search
        7.5     In-dialling
        7.6     Symbol to indicate the existence of an additional dial tone
 8     Information symbols
 9     Spacing symbols
10     Facsimile number notation
Annex A
Desirable properties of diallable symbols
        A.1     Distinct from other diallable symbols
        A.2     Widely known name
        A.3     Reproducible
        A.4     ITU-T-ISO compatible
        A.5     Made up of a single character
        A.6     Abstract
        A.7     Immediately recognizable as a diallable character