1 Introduction
2 Scope
3 Principles for the organization of an interconnected computerized international information service
4 Standards used for inquiry and reply
4.1 Inquiry information
4.2 Reply information
4.3 Alphabet to be used
4.4 Conversion
4.5 Functionality
5 Operator manual
Annex A Description of standardized inquiry and reply messages
A.1 Inquiry format
A.2 Reply format
Annex B Directory services interconnect bearer services
B.1 Introduction
B.2 Identification
B.3 Network interconnection
Annex C
C.1 Formal definitions of directory messages
C.2 Structure of the inquiry
C.3 Structure of the reply
Annex D OSI Layers 4 and 5 profile for the Recommendation E.115
D.1 Overview
D.2 Use of session services
D.3 Lower layer protocols
Annex E Message codes for the Recommendation E.115