Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
Annex 1
 1     General
 2     The results of mobile field-strength measurement
 3     Calculation of field strength
 4     Measuring antennas
 5     Test receiver settings
        5.1     Dynamic range
        5.2     Detector functions and bandwidths for the respective types of signal
 6     The vehicle speed
 7     The necessary number of measuring points and the averaging interval
 8     Navigation and positioning systems
        8.1     Dead reckoning system
        8.2     Global positioning systems
       8.3      Complex navigation system
 9     Data collection and processing
        9.1     Measurement result collecting without data reduction (raw field-strength data)
        9.2     Measurement result collecting with data reduction
                  9.2.1     Averaged values
                  9.2.2     Classification of results according to level exceeding probability
10     Data presentation
       10.1     Representation of raw data in tabular form
       10.2     Plotting in Cartesian coordinates
       10.3     Mapping