Annex 1   Guidance for identifying and using points on the operating contour for the determination of interference from emissions from an ESV in motion to a station in the fixed service (critical contour point method)
 1     Introduction
 2     Considerations in determining the CCP
        2.1     Stationary operation
        2.2     In-motion operation
                  2.2.1     Identification of the CCP for each potentially-affected FS receiver
                  2.2.2     Consideration of long-term interference
                  2.2.3     Consideration of short-term interference
 3     Application of CCP methodology in identifying available spectrum
Annex 2  The calculation of interference from ESVs
 1     Introduction
 2     Minimum required propagation loss for a fixed percentage of time with stationary stations
 3     Implications of time variations in parameters other than propagation loss
        3.1     Short-term interference consideration
       3.2      Long-term interference consideration
 4     Detailed consideration of long-term interference
        4.1     Contribution from a main beam passage to the average interference power
        4.2     Contribution to the average interference power from a segment without a main beam intersection
        4.3     Aggregate average interference power from an operating contour
 5     Detailed consideration of short-term interference
 6     Summary
Annex 3  Alternative method for calculation of interference from ESVs
 1     Introduction
 2     Simulation procedure