Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
Annex   Preferred frequencies and bandwidths for manned and unmanned near-Earth satellites of the space research service
 1     Introduction
 2     Space research communication and tracking functions and their technical requirements
        2.1     Functions
                  2.1.1     Command transmissions
                  2.1.2     Spacecraft telemetry transmissions
                  2.1.3     Mission telemetry transmissions
                  2.1.4     Tracking
 3     Frequency bands for space research missions
        3.1     Mission requirements
        3.2     Equipment requirements
        3.3     Propagation and radiation effects
        3.4     Link performance
        3.5     Recommendations related to space research service allocations
 4     Preferred frequency bands, their uses by SRS systems and typical individual links bandwidths and their uses
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