Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
1 Introduction
2 Scope
3 Related Recommendations
4 Considerations
4.1 User trends
4.1.1 Growing demand for mobile services
4.1.2 Trends in services and applications
4.2 Framework
4.2.1 Objectives
Future development of IMT-2000:
New capabilities of systems beyond IMT-2000:
Relationship of IMT-2000, systems beyond IMT-2000, and other access systems:
4.2.2 Perspectives on the objectives
4.2.3 Coverage objectives
4.2.4 Future development of IMT-2000
4.2.5 New capabilities for systems beyond IMT-2000
4.2.6 Relationship of IMT-2000, systems beyond IMT-2000 and other access systems
4.2.7 Timelines
4.3 Technology trends
4.3.1 System-related technologies
Example key technologies:
4.3.2 Access network and radio interface
Example key technologies:
4.3.3 Utilization of spectrum
Example key technologies:
4.3.4 Mobile terminals
Example key technologies:
4.3.5 Applications
Example key technologies:
4.4 Spectrum implications
4.4.1 Preferred frequency bands
4.4.2 Bandwidth considerations
5 Recommendations
5.1 Objectives
5.2 Framework of future work
5.3 Focus areas for further study