Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
Annex 1 Section I. Introduction
Section II. Preliminary operations
Section III. Calls by Morse radiotelegraphy
A. General
B. Calls to several stations
Section IV. Method of calling, reply to calls and signals preparatory to traffic
A. Method of calling Morse telegraphy
B. Frequency to be used for calling and for preparatory signals
C. Indication of the frequency to be used for traffic
D. Indication of priority, of the reason for the call, and of transmission of radiotelegrams in series
E. Form of reply to calls
F. Frequency for reply
G. Agreement on the frequency to be used for traffic
H. Reply to the request for transmission by series
I. Difficulties in reception
Section V. Forwarding (Routing) of traffic
A. Traffic frequency
B. Numbering in daily series
C. Long radiotelegrams
D. Suspension of traffic
Section VI. End of traffic and work
A. Signal for the End of Transmission
B. Acknowledgement of Receipt
C. End of Work
Section VII. Control of working
Section VIII. Tests