Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
Annex 1
 1     Introduction
        1.1     Handheld receivers
        1.2     Portable receivers
        1.3     Vehicular receivers
 2     Abbreviations
 3     User requirements
 4     Summaries of multimedia systems
        4.1     Multimedia System “C” (ISDB-T), and Multimedia System “F” (ISDB-T multimedia broadcasting for mobile reception)
        4.2     Multimedia System “E”
        4.3     Multimedia System “A” (T-DMB and Advanced T-DMB)
        4.4     Multimedia System “H” (DVB-H) and Multimedia System “I” (DVB-SH)
        4.5     Multimedia System “M”
        4.6     Multimedia System “B” (ATSC Mobile DTV)
        4.7     Multimedia System “T2” (DVB T2-Lite)
Annex 2  Multimedia System “C” (ISDB-T one segment), Multimedia System “F” (ISDB‑T multimedia broadcasting for mobile reception) and Multimedia System “E”
Annex 3  Multimedia System “A” (T-DMB and advanced T-DMB)
 1     System architecture
 2     Video service transmission architecture
 3     Video multiplexer architecture
 4     Scalable video service transmission architecture
 5     SVC video multiplexer architecture
Annex 4  Multimedia System “H” (DVB-H) and Multimedia System “I” (DVB-SH)
Annex 5  Multimedia System “M” (Forward link only)
 1     Introduction
 2     Requirements for delivery to mobile handhelds
        2.1     Required service types
        2.2     Quality of service
        2.3     Audio and video support
        2.4     Functionality, cost, power consumption
 3     Forward link only system architecture
        3.1     Network operation centre
        3.2     FLO transmitters
        3.3     IMT-2000 network
        3.4     FLO‑enabled devices
 4     FLO system overview
        4.1     Content acquisition and distribution
        4.2     Multimedia and data applications services
        4.3     Power consumption optimization
        4.4     Wide and local area content
        4.5     Layered modulation
 5     FLO air interface
Annex 6  Multimedia System “B” (ATSC Mobile DTV)
Annex 7  Multimedia System “T2” (DVB T2-Lite)
Appendix 1 (Informative)  Additional information on the telecom network based Multimedia broadcast/multicast services
Appendix 2 (Informative)  Emission and reception characteristics for  Multimedia Systems “A”, “B”, “C”, “E”, “F”, “H”, “I”, “M” and “T2”
Appendix 3 (Informative)  Additional information on Multimedia System “I” which combines  a satellite component and a terrestrial component