Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
Annex  1  Hierarchy of compatible multichannel sound systems for broadcasting and recording
Annex  2  Basic requirements
Annex  3  Compatibility
 1     Backward compatibility with existing receivers
 2     Downward compatibility with low-cost receivers
Annex  4  Downward mixing of multichannel audio signals
 1     3/2 source signals
Annex  5  Upwards conversion
 1     Frontal channels
 2     Surround channels
 3     Data channel
Annex  6  Additional data
Annex  7  Low frequency effects channel (LFE)
Appendix 1 to Annex 7 (informative)  Usage of the low frequency effects channel (LFE)
 1     Introduction
What is a subwoofer?
What is the LFE?
 2     Using a subwoofer to extend frequency range
 3     Using the LFE channel to make an impact
 4     Connecting the LFE to the subwoofer
 5     Down-mix of broadcast surround sound
 6     Dolby E LFE and Dolby AC-3 LFE
7      Technical requirements
Annex  8  Compatibility matrixing and downward mixing