Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
1 Introduction
2 Applications developed for use of WPT technologies via radio frequency beam
2.1 Wireless powered sensor network (App ID: a1)
2.1.1 Situation of Japan
2.2 Wireless charger of mobile devices (App ID: a2)
2.2.1 Situation of Japan
2.2.2 Situation of U.S.
2.3 Wireless power transfer sheet (App ID: b1)
2.3.1 Situation of Japan
2.4 MPT in a pipe (App ID: b2)
2.4.1 Situation of Japan
2.5 Microwave buildings (App ID: b3)
2.5.1 Situation of Japan
2.6 WPT to moving/flying target (App ID: c1)
2.6.1 Situation of Canada
2.6.2 Situation of Japan
2.7 Point-to-Point WPT (App ID: c2)
2.7.1 Situation of Japan
2.8 Wireless charging for electric vehicles (App ID: c3)
2.8.1 Situation of Japan
2.9 Solar power satellite (App ID: c4)
3 Technologies employed in WPT applications
4 Organizations expected to contribute to WPTs standardization
4.1 Europe
4.2 Japan
4.2.1 WiPoT (Wireless power transfer consortium for practical applications) [WI]
4.2.2 BWF (Broadband wireless forum) [BWF]
4.3 Other international organizations
5 Status of spectrum for WPT via radio frequency beam
6 Summary