Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
 1     Introduction
 2     Use of the 13.75-14.0 GHz band by data relay satellite systems of the space research service
        2.1     Data relay satellite networks
                  2.1.1     Use of the 13.75-14 GHz band
                  2.1.2     Bandwidth requirements
        2.2     Summary and conclusions
 3     Permissible levels of interference in data relay satellite systems that use the 13.75‑14 GHz band
        3.1     Protection criteria for data relay satellite systems
        3.2     Characterization of interference to the international space station (ISS) from the emissions of a global deployment of FSS GSO earth stations
                  3.2.1     FSS earth station characteristics
                  3.2.2     GSO satellite locations and distributions
                  3.2.3     Statistics of the interference to the ISS
                  3.2.4     Discussion of results
        3.3     Derivation of FSS earth station e.i.r.p. density limits for the protection of international space station operations
                  3.3.1     International space station forward link system parameters
                  3.3.2     Earth station deployment methodology
                  3.3.3     Analysis results
        3.4     Summary and conclusions
 4     Interference to geostationary FSS satellites from data relay satellite systems operating in the 13.75-14 GHz band
        4.1     Orbit separation for the United States of America tracking and data relay satellites
        4.2     Power flux-density levels at the geostationary-satellite orbit