1     Introduction
 2     Percentage of time and maximum duration for a low-orbiting spacecraft occupying a defined region
        2.1     Bounding equation for percentage of time spacecraft is in defined region
        2.2     The maximum time a satellite spends in the beam of a ground station
 3     Probability density function pdf of the position of a low-orbiting satellite on the orbit shell
        3.1     Probability density function of interference to low-orbiting satellites caused by emissions from FS systems
        3.2     Probability density function of interference to FS systems caused by emissions from low-orbiting satellites
 4     Simplified methods for calculating visibility statistics
        4.1     Simplified method for circular antenna beams
        4.2     Manual method to calculate visibility statistics
        4.3     Comparison of the numerical results obtained using the simplified and manual methods for circular antenna beams
 5     Means of calculating the coordinates of the intersection of two orbital planes
        5.1     Analysis