1     Introduction
 2     Space VLBI system
        2.1     Space VLBI telemetry signal, noise and interference
                  2.1.1     Signal
                  2.1.2     Noise and interference
 3     Space VLBI telemetry detection
        3.1     Telemetry receiver
                  3.1.1     Matched filter
        3.2     Telemetry bit error rate (BER)
 4     Space VLBI cross-correlation
        4.1     Cross-correlation of digitized observation record
                  4.1.1     Mean value of cross-correlation product
                  4.1.2     Evaluation of P+1|c
        4.2     Cross-correlation SNR (XSNR)
 5     Derivation of space VLBI telemetry interference criteria
        5.1     Degradations in XSNR due to noise and interference in the telemetry link
        5.2     Tolerable degradation due to interference
        5.3     Calculation of interference criteria