Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
 1     Introduction
 2     The use of small aperture earth stations for relief operation in the event of natural disasters and similar emergencies
        2.1     Introduction
        2.2     Basic considerations
                  2.2.1     Required services
                  2.2.2     Channel and physical layer requirements
                  2.2.3     Network requirements
                  2.2.4     Associated earth station
        2.3     Required earth station e.i.r.p. levels and satellite resources
                  2.3.1     Example of link budget calculation
        2.4     Configuration of the transportable earth station
                  2.4.1     Weight and size
                  2.4.2     Antenna
                  2.4.3     Power amplifier
                  2.4.4     Low-noise receiver
        2.5     Examples of transportable earth station realizations and system implementation
                  2.5.1     Small transportable earth stations
                  2.5.2     Example of an emergency network and associated earth stations
 3     An example describing use of FSS system for warning operations in the event of natural disasters and similar emergencies
        3.1     Earthquake Early Warning System
        3.2     Satellite delivery
                  3.2.1     Advantage of the satellite network
                  3.2.2     Example of the system for satellite delivery
        3.3     Case examples of the EEW satellite delivery service
        3.4     Further development of the satellite delivery system
 4     Conclusions