Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
 1     Introduction
 2     Software model download
 3     Physical-statistical wideband model for mixed propagation conditions
        3.1     Shadowing of the direct signal
                  3.1.1     House-front module
                  3.1.2     Light pole module
                  3.1.3     Tree module
        3.2     Reflections
                  3.2.1     Synthesis of a single reflection
                  3.2.2     Number of coexisting reflections
        3.3     Model parameters for an urban environment
        3.4     Model input
        3.5     Model output
        3.6     Model output usage
        3.7     User Implementation Features: interpolation of series of time-continuous discrete impulses to FIR filter coefficients
                  3.7.1     Low-pass interpolation of sampling points matching Dirac input impulses
                  3.7.2     Low-pass interpolation of time-continuous Dirac input impulses
                  3.7.3     Interpolation of time-continuous Dirac input impulses in frequency domain
                  3.7.4     Comparison of the interpolation methods with a sampling frequency of 100 MHz
 4     Report on physical-statistical wideband LMSS model in urban and suburban scenarios in Munich
        4.1     Environment description
                  4.1.1     Urban measurements
                  4.1.2     Suburban city
        4.2     Model description of scenario specific features
                  4.2.1     Urban vehicle
                  4.2.2     Suburban vehicle
                  4.2.3     Urban pedestrian
                  4.2.4     Suburban pedestrian
        4.3     Geometric parameters
                  4.3.1     User parameters
                  4.3.2     Building parameters
                  4.3.3     Tree parameters
                  4.3.4     Pole parameters
 5     Data file interface descriptions
        5.1     Statistical data file description
                  5.1.1     Elevation vector
                  5.1.2     Number of coexisting echoes
        5.2     Echo bandwidth
        5.3     Life span of reflectors
        5.4     Rice factor of echoes
        5.5     Movement of reflection points
        5.6     Horizontal reflector position distribution
        5.7     The relative satellite-reflector azimuth angle
        5.8     Average power of echo signals
 6     Acronyms
 7     IPR protection