Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
 1     Scope
 2     Introduction
 3     Definitions, abbreviations and related documents
        3.1     Definitions  3
        3.2     Abbreviations  4
        3.3     Related documents  4
 4     Scenarios of cognitive radio systems specific for IMT systems
        4.1     Update of a network for optimized radio resource usage  5
        4.2     Upgrade of an existing radio interface or a network with a new radio interface  6
        4.3     In-band coverage/capacity improvement by relays  8
        4.4     Self-configuration and self-optimization of femtocells  9
        4.5     Multi-modes coexistence and simultaneous transmission  10
        4.6     Possible other deployment scenarios  10
 5     Determination of the IMT spectrum usage
        5.1     Measurement collection system for determination of spectrum state  10
        5.2     Additional methods for determination of spectrum state  12
        5.3     Spectrum quality evaluation  12
        5.4     Spectrum balancing  12
 6     Description and impacts of cognitive radio systems specific for IMT systems
        6.1     CRS approaches applicable to IMT  13
        6.2     Cognitive networks for IMT systems  14
        6.3     Additional aspects and technical challenges of CRS technology in IMT networks  15
        6.4     Spectrum refarming in IMT networks  15
        6.5     Intra-operator based radio resource optimization  16
 7     Performance of IMT systems with CRS capability
        7.1     Potential benefits of using CRS technology in IMT systems  16
                  7.1.1     Overall spectrum efficiency and capacity improvement
                  7.1.2     Radio resources utilization flexibility
                  7.1.3     Interference mitigation
        7.2     Potential implications of using CRS technology in IMT systems  17
                  7.2.1     Signalling overhead in CRS
                  7.2.2     Increase of the system complexity
                  7.2.3     Increase of the control/user plane latency
        7.3     Key performance indicators for CRS technology in IMT systems  17
 8     Conclusions
Annex A  A methodology to calculate theoretical capacity of IMT system with CRS capability
 1     Assumed spectrum sharing scenario and sharing method
 2     Capacity analysis of IMT-CRS using the same spectrum with IMT‑MCS
        2.1     Average cell capacity for given transmit power, Ptx 21
        2.2     Capacity of IMT-CRS  22
 3     Examples of numerical calculations
Annex B  Scenarios illustrating potential efficiency gains  through cognitive radio technology