Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
 1     Introduction
        1.1     The impact of orbits and satellite network architecture on coverage
 2     Modes of usage of MSS systems for disaster relief communications
        2.1     Direct application of the MSS in disaster relief operations
                  2.1.1     Practical use of an MSS system for application of video image transmission
        2.2     Combining terrestrial and satellite network components
                  2.2.1     Satellite component for backhaul of emergency terrestrial services
                  2.2.2     Satellite component for emergency backhaul for private terrestrial networks
                  2.2.3     MSS networks with complementary ground component
 3     Examples of MSS systems which can provide disaster-related communications
        3.1     Iridium (HIBLEO-2)
        3.2     Globalstar (HIBLEO-4)
        3.3     Inmarsat
        3.4     Thuraya
        3.5     SkyTerra
        3.6     TerreStar
        3.7     DBSD North America, Inc.
        3.8     ACeS
The services
Voice service
Data service
Tracking service
Countries covered by ACeS network
        3.9     Solaris Mobile
Redundancy of the ground segment