Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
1     Introduction
2     Scope
3     Related ITU-R Recommendations
4     Abbreviations
5     Approach used to compute antenna coupling
6     Determination of self and mutual impedance
        6.1     Theoretical expressions for mutual impedance
        6.2     Mutual impedance through calculation
        6.3     Self and mutual impedance through simulation
7     Calculation of power coupling between antennas
        7.1     Unmatched source-unmatched load model (USUL)
                  7.1.1      Analytical expressions
                  7.1.2     Simulation results (USUL)
        7.2     Matched source-unmatched load model (MSUL)
8     Experimental evaluation of antenna coupling
        8.1     Direct power measurement of antenna coupling
        8.2     Antenna coupling isolation measurements using network analyser
9     Conclusions