2 Introduction
3 The framework on IMT-2000, future developments of IMT-2000, and systems beyond IMT-2000
3.1 IMT-2000 and its enhancements
3.2 New mobile access
3.3 New nomadic/local area wireless access
4 Radio access techniques (RATs) and RAT groups
4.1 Justification for RAT group approach for the spectrum requirements calculation methodology
4.2 RAT groups
4.3 Usage of RAT groups and radio parameters
4.3.1 Usage of RAT groups
4.3.2 Usage of radio parameters for each RAT group
5 Radio aspects relevant to spectrum requirements
5.1 General consideration
5.2 Radio parameters
5.2.1 Radio parameters required for spectrum calculation methodology
5.2.2 Additional parameters
5.3 Spectrum efficiency
5.3.1 Area spectral efficiency
5.3.2 Required spectrum calculation
5.3.3 Technical issues affecting spectral efficiency
5.4 Technical issues influencing spectrum range preferences
5.4.1 Target peak data rates
5.4.2 Target grade of mobility
5.4.3 Target coverage range with reasonable trade-off
5.4.4 Implications of frequency range on mobile device power consumption
5.4.5 Availability and feasibility of required RF components within the required time frame
5.4.6 Spectrum ranges influencing technology
5.4.7 Spectrum range preference
5.5 Categorization of additional relevant radio parameters
6 Radio environments
6.1 Macro cell
6.1.1 Radio propagation characteristic
6.1.2 Typical deployment scenario
6.1.3 Requirements for technical characteristics
6.1.4 Radio access technique groups
6.2 Micro cell
6.2.1 Radio propagation characteristic
6.2.2 Typical deployment scenario
6.2.3 Requirements for technical characteristics
6.2.4 Radio access technique groups
6.3 Pico cell
6.3.1 Radio propagation characteristic
6.3.2 Typical deployment scenario
6.3.3 Requirements for technical characteristics
6.3.4 Radio access technique groups
6.4 Hotspot
6.4.1 Radio propagation characteristic
6.4.2 Typical deployment scenario
6.4.3 Requirements for technical characteristics
6.4.4 Radio access technique groups
6.5 Metrics of radio environments
6.6 Radio environment parameters needed by spectrum calculation methodology
7 Conclusions
Annex 1 Spectral efficiency calculation for new capabilities of systems beyond IMT‑2000
Annex 2 Justifications for parameters for RAT Group 1
Annex 3 Justifications for proposed parameters for RAT2
Annex 4 Justifications for proposed parameters for RAT Group 3
Annex 5 Justifications for proposed parameters for RAT Group 4
Annex 6 Example of spectrum efficiency using (4,4) MIMO