1     Introduction
 2     Transmitter characterization
 3     Receiver characterization
 4     Tables of system parameters
Annex 1  Additional technical characteristics of some FS systems in the 1-3 GHz band
 1     Introduction
 2     Use of ATPC (automatic transmit power control) in digital systems
 3     Characteristics of digital point-to-point systems
        3.1     Typical characteristics
        3.2     FS antenna pattern
 4     Characteristics of analogue point-to-point radio-relay systems
        4.1     Typical FS analogue characteristics operating in the 1-3 GHz bands
        4.2     ITU-R analogue hypothetical reference connection (HRC) characteristics
 5     Characteristics of P-MP systems
 6     Basic sharing parameters for P-MP systems in the frequency range 1-3 GHz
Annex 2  FS antenna size in sharing studies
 1     Interference considerations
 2     Earth station coordination
 3     GSO satellites
 4     Non-GSO satellites
 5     Considering present and FS service antennas
 6     FS technical parameters and antenna size