Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
1 Introduction
2 Workflow optimization
2.1 Content programming
2.2 Virtual video angle capture and automation
2.3 AI edited content generation for optimization and operational efficiency
2.4 Automated video digest
2.5 Live footage optimization for programming development
2.6 Compliance tracking and content creation
3 Bandwidth/Quality optimization
4 Automated content creation
4.1 Social media analysis system
4.2 Automatic generation of manuscripts describing state of rivers
4.3 Captioning
4.4 Dialogue systems
4.5 AI-driven announcer
4.6 Automated commentary
4.7 Foreign language translation
4.8 Sign language CG synthesis
4.9 Automatic colourisation of monochrome images
4.10 Automated programme content creation
5 Optimization of asset selection metadata creation
5.1 Video, audio detection and recognition
5.2 Face detection and recognition
5.3 Detection of text in scenes
5.4 Object detection and recognition
5.5 Transcription
6 Dynamic product placement and advertising for broadcast
7 Content personalization
8 Conclusion