Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
 1     Introduction
 2     General considerations
        2.1     Fundamental idea of UHDTV
        2.2     Classification of image systems
        2.3     Application
                  2.3.1      Overview
                  2.3.2     Considerations of audience viewing
        2.4     System model
        2.5     Viewing conditions
                  2.5.1     Field of view
                  2.5.2     Angular resolution
                  2.5.3     Viewing distance
                  2.5.4     Surrounding luminance
                  2.5.5     Black and white luminance and electro-optical transfer function (EOTF)
                  2.5.6     Technical constraints imposed by the assumed display device
        2.6     Feasibility of technologies required for development of UHDTV
 3     Baseband image format
        3.1     General considerations on the baseband image format in programme signal chain
        3.2     Parameters
                  3.2.1     Aspect ratio
                  3.2.2     Spatial and temporal sampling structure
                  3.2.3     Pixel count
                  3.2.4     Frame frequency
                  3.2.5     Non-linear coding function
                  3.2.6     Colorimetry
                  3.2.7     Colour encoding
                  3.2.8     Bit depth
Appendix 1  Input documents to WP 6C or SG 6 related to UHDTV
Attachment 1  Analysis of sub-sampled versions of the UHDTV signals
 1     Summary
 2     Fundamental
        2.1     Why YC transmission is needed
        2.2     Fundamental of YC transmission
        2.3     The constant luminance issue
        2.4     Block diagrams for the encoder and decoder in the non-constant luminance (NCL) and CL
        2.5     Crosstalk characteristics
        2.6     Quality degradation by clipping
        2.7     Evaluation index
        2.8     Factors other than picture quality
 3     The reference models of the NCL and CL
 4     Objective and subjective evaluation results
        4.1     Objective evaluation of YC encoding-decoding
        4.2     The evaluation results in a production process
        4.3     Real implementation vs. the hypothetical loss in G for the CL
        4.4     The evaluation results in a delivery chain
                  4.4.1     The evaluation schemes and test sequences
                  4.4.2     The evaluation measure
                  4.4.3     The evaluation results in terms of BD-PSNR and BD-Rate
 5     Summary of the evaluation results