Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
 1     Coverage
 2     Assessment of the coverage
 3     Comparison with planned values
 4     The different reception ways
 5     Parameters to be evaluated
 6     The model for coverage assessment
 1     Introduction
 2     Parameters of DVB-T transmission station
 3     Parameters of experimental paths and test stations (Fig. 1)
 4     Measurement equipment
 5     Methods and the results of the measurement
 6     Conclusions
 1     Introduction
 2     Digital signal voltage measurement technique
 1     Low or not present external interference conditions
 2     Presence of external interference
 1     The impact of propagation path on useful signal field strength
 2     The impact of reflected signals on reception quality
 3     Estimation of digital set-top boxes work in multipath conditions
 1     Measurement location
 2     Measurement technique
        2.1     Measurement of received signal level
        2.2     Measurement of S/N
        2.3     Measurement of BER
        2.4     Determination of reception quality
 3     Description of transmitting network
 4     Measuring equipment