Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
1 Introduction
2 Simulcasting of analogue and MPEG-1 layer II digital audio
3 Loudness considerations
4 Operating in the analogue domain
5 Operating in the digital domain
6 Use of audio meters
6.1 VU meters
6.2 Peak meters
6.3 Loudness meters
7 Harmonization of audio alignment levels for digital programme exchange Adoption of SMPTERP155
8 Peak audio level
9 The studio environment
10 Application of volume compression in post-production following the final mix of a television commercial soundtrack
11 Loudness range calculation
11.1 Loudness Range
11.2 Example algorithm overview
11.3 Example algorithm definition
11.4 MATLAB implementation of example loudness range algorithm
12 Ingest of soundtracks into the television broadcasting chain
13 Tests performed at CBS
14 Effect of channel format on predicted programme loudness
14.1 Introduction
14.2 A survey of audio loudness in multichannel television programmes
14.3 Objectives of the survey
14.4 Metering
14.5 Results
14.6 Abnormal results
14.7 Conclusions
LFE contribution histogram