Final report
Table of Contents
List of Tables, Figures and Boxes
     Table 1: Example of manufacturer tracking environmental performance in its operations
     Table 2: Example of manufacturer tracking how it helps operators deal with the growth in mobile data traffic in a sustainable way
     Table 3: Some indicators of climate change and ICT implementation in adaptation to climate change
     Figure 1: Global temperature difference since 1880
     Figure 2: Mean sea level from 1993 through 2015
     Figure 3: Global mean sea-level evolution from the 18th to the 21st centuries
     Figure 4: Recent monthly mean CO2 at Mauna Loa
     Figure 5: Arctic sea ice concentrations in September 1979 and 2003
     Figure 6: Automated Surface Observing System
     Figure 7: Operation of Argo floats
     Figure 8: Evolution of estimate of ICT benefits for economic sectors
     Figure 9: Potential reduction by economic sector
     Figure 10: Twelve use cases of ICT
     Figure 11: Configuration Diagram
     Figure 12: Solar station at a mobile network site in Senegal
Executive Summary
1	CHAPTER 1 – Climate change
     1.1	Background
          1.1.1	Increase of temperature
          1.1.2	Extreme events
          1.1.3	Increase of sea level
          1.1.4	Increase of CO2
          1.1.5	Melting ice
     1.2	International initiatives on climate change
          1.2.1	United Nations conferences on climate change
          1.2.2	ITU and climate change
          1.2.3	WMO and climate change
          1.2.4	Other initiatives
2	CHAPTER 2 – Climate change monitoring
     2.1	Terrestrial systems
     2.2	Satellite systems
     2.3	Marine systems
     2.4	Airborne meteorological systems
3	CHAPTER 3 – Climate change mitigation
     3.1	Positive and negative impact of ICT
     3.2	Green ICT
          3.2.1	The global ICT footprint
          3.2.2	KPIs for ICT organizations
          3.2.3	Reducing ICT energy consumption
     3.3	ICT for reducing GHG emissions
          3.3.1	Concerned industrial sectors
          3.3.2	ICT applications for improving sustainability
          3.3.3	The case of smart cities
4	CHAPTER 4 – Climate change adaptation
     4.1	Adaptation of ICT equipment
          4.1.1	KDDI experience in Japan
          4.1.2	Orange experience in Africa
     4.2	Adaptation in the industrial sector
     4.3	Adaptation in the agricultural sector
Abbreviations and acronyms
Annex 1: Country experiences on monitoring/mitigating climate change
Annex 2: List of contributions received for Question 6/2 during study period 2014‑2017