ICT infrastructure business planning toolkit 2019
Table of Contents
1 Broadband business planning
     1.1 The business plan
     1.2 Challenges in developing a business plan
     1.3 Business planning as a public policy tool
2 Estimating demand for broadband services
     2.1 Estimating demand through econometric methods
     2.2 Estimating demand through the Delphi method
     2.3 Decomposition of demand into different segments
     2.4 Estimating the market share of the potential new operator
3 Estimating revenues from broadband service provision
     3.1 Estimating revenue for mobile broadband projects
     3.2 Estimating revenue for fixed broadband projects
     3.3 Estimating revenue for transport network projects
     3.4 Revenue behaviour throughout the project
4 Estimating investments in broadband networks (CAPEX)
     4.1 Mobile broadband access networks
     4.2 Fixed broadband access networks
     4.3 Transport networks
5 Estimating operational expenses (OPEX) for broadband service provision
     5.1 Using cost models to estimate OPEX
     5.2 Using past costs and expenses to estimate OPEX
     5.3 Using benchmarks to estimate OPEX
6 Estimating weighted average capital cost (WACC)
7 Financing mechanisms to enable broadband infrastructure projects
     7.1 Project and licensing financing mechanisms
     7.2 Infrastructure deployment financing mechanisms
     7.3 Service provision financing mechanisms
8 Conclusions
List of acronyms