The economic contribution of broadband, digitization and ICT regulation: Econometric modelling for the Americas
Table of Contents
1 Introduction
2 The effects identified on a global scale
3 The economic contribution of broadband and digitization and the impact of policy on digitization in the Americas region
     3.1. Review of the research literature
          3.1.1. Economic impact of broadband: United States of America
          3.1.2. Economic impact of broadband and digitization in Latin America and the Caribbean
     3.2. Hypotheses
     3.3. Economic impact of fixed broadband in the Americas region
          3.3.1. Data
          3.3.2. Model results and discussion
     3.4. Economic impact of mobile broadband in the Americas region
          3.4.1. Data
          3.4.2. Model results and discussion
     3.5. Economic impact of digitization in the Americas region
          3.5.1. Data
          3.5.2. Model results and discussion
     3.6. Impact of policy and regulatory framework on digitization in the Americas region
          3.6.1. Data
          3.6.2. Models results and discussion
4 Conclusion
Annex A: List of data sources for models testing the economic impact of fixed and mobile broadband
Annex B: Indicators included in CAF Digital Ecosystem Development Index and data sources