Skilling up for our digital future
Table of Contents
     List of tables and figures
Introduction to this toolkit
     Why do countries need a digital skills strategy?
     How to use this guide
     Other resources
Chapter 1: Policymaker’s platform – the road ahead
     Your roadmap to accelerated digital skills development
Chapter 2: Understanding digital skills
     Digital skills levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced 
          Basic skills
          Intermediate skills
          Advanced skills
     Digital skills frameworks 
     Online safety
     21st century skills
     Emerging and specialized skills
          Computational thinking and coding
          Data literacy
          Mobile literacy
Chapter 3: Stakeholder engagement: aiming to build broad representation
     Models for stakeholder engagement
          Coalitions and councils
          Task forces and collaborations
          Digital skills forums 
     Tool: stakeholder engagement
Chapter 4: Existing policies and needs: making an inventory
     Tool: inventory and assessment
Chapter 5: Basic and intermediate skills: ensuring everyone has the digital skills needed to succeed in work and life
     Common challenges
     Successful approaches
     Formal and non-formal education channels
          Formal education: primary and secondary schools
          Non-formal education: public libraries, community centres and other lifelong learning channels
     Tool: basic and intermediate digital skills
Chapter 6: Advanced skills: supporting initiatives for people to gain specialized skills
     Common challenges
     Successful approaches
     Training providers
          Employers and workers’ organizations
          Technical and vocational schools
          Coding bootcamps
          Commercial training programs
     Tool: expanding tech specialists
Chapter 7: Creating opportunities for under-represented populations
     Common challenges
     Successful approaches
     Population groups
          Women and girls
          Persons with disabilities 
          Aging populations
          Migrants and refugees
     Tool: including under-represented populations
Chapter 8: Organizing campaigns and multi-stakeholder initiatives
     Tool: organizing campaigns
Chapter 9: Leveraging existing online training resources
Chapter 10: Monitor, review and update
     National strategies – assessment and testing 
Chapter 11: Sample digital skills roadmaps
     Shared concept for national digital skills strategies - European Commission
     United Kingdom digital strategy 2017
     Realising Digital Myanmar
Chapter 12: Future developments and emerging trends