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G-REX: a new hot line for global connections

In just a few years, the number of countries that have established regulatory bodies for information and communication technologies (ICTs) has risen dramatically, making a global dialogue for regulators imperative. In order to provide a way to engage the global regulatory community, ITU through BDT launched the Global Regulators Exchange (G-REX), a hot line for sharing best practices and learning from each other.

All regulators and policy-makers from the 189 ITU Member States have been invited to register a focal point to participate in G-REX. There are 207 registered G-REX users from 110 countries. G-REX comprises nine discussion groups on key regulatory issues and a regulators’ hot line.

Contributions in the form of comments, questions and the posting of relevant documents have all been welcomed. G-REX users are not hesitating to use the hot line, which provides a way for regulators to send targeted requests on specific issues to their counterparts around the globe. For example, when a regulator from a least developed country recently requested sample mobile licence agreements, responses poured in from Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong (China), India, Jordan, Nigeria, Norway, the Philippines, Uruguay and Switzerland. It is hard to imagine that this LDC would have been able to collect so many sample licence agreements in the absence of G-REX.

Workshop on IP Networking and Mediacom 2004

Mediacom 2004 is an ITU project that aims to provide a framework for the development of standards for multimedia applications, services and systems. The interoperation of these systems so that they can respond to user requirements in terms of mobility and ease of use is key for the success of next generation networks (NGNs). The workshop held in Geneva (Switzerland) discussed these issues as well as how Internet Protocol (IP) will fit into NGNs. Plans were made to identify steps for the evolution from existing networks to NGNs and identify and propose timelines for NGN standards.

Internet Diffusion Workshop

Internet diffusion is a fundamental factor in the integration of all world communities in the Information Society. The results of the ‘ITU Internet Case Studies’ carried out by the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), as well as other ITU case studies, were presented at this workshop. In addition to discussions on policy, the user and usage, and commercial and Internet indicator aspects of Internet diffusion, consideration was also given to the possible role of ITU in Internet-related projects.

World Telecommunication Policy Forum 2001: IP Telephony

The third World Telecommunication Policy Forum, focused on the topic of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), was organized by the Strategy and Policy Unit of ITU. More than 750 senior officials from more than 120 ITU Member States participated. Three days were spent looking at the regulatory challenges and commercial opportunities presented by the development of technologies, that enable voice calls to be carried over data networks such as the Internet. The Forum defined four different ‘opinions’ which represent the shared views of ITU members on general implications of IP Telephony, actions to assist ITU members, human resource development challenges, and essential studies. For more information on the work of this forum, visit the website at



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