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ITU Regional Development Forum 2008:
"Bridging the ICT standardization gap in developing countries" for CIS, CEE and Baltic States, 10 – 11 June 2008

RCC WTSA-08 Preparatory Meeting, 12-13 June 2008
ITU Regional Development Forum 2008, 10 - 11 June 2008  
Mr. Oscar González Soto (Consultant for Strategic Planning and Assessment, ITU-D)

Oscar Gonzalez Soto is currently Consultant for Strategic Planning and Assessment in the Telecom sector. He is associated to the ITU-BDT for the development programs in Network and Business Planning towards NGN, Convergence and IMT 2000 as well as to the know how transfer program to the International Centres of Excellence.

Prior to current activity he has been Director of Network Planning and Economics at the Alcatel centre for Network Design and Integration at Paris HQ, after holding different positions as manager for techno-economical evaluations and network planning development (Strategy centre in Brussels), Telecom planning tools, Performance analysis and Teletraffic methodologies (Research centre of ITT Research Labs in Madrid).

Oscar graduated at the Escuela Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación in Madrid with further courses on applied mathematics to the Telecom networks and economics. Formation was complemented among others with master seminars in Strategy for the International Telecom Industry at the London Business School and Industry Business Management Development at the Euroforum- INSEAD.

He has more than 30 years of experience in network planning, business evaluation and solution design for network modernization with applications to many countries in the EU, CEE, Asia pacific, Africa and Latin America Regions. Oscar represents Spain at the International Management Scientific Committee of the Networks Symposium and at the International Advisory Council of the International Teletraffic Congress. Furthermore, he participated in the organization of more than 30 international conferences and has published more than 60 papers at international forums.
Mrs. Nataša Gospić (Community of Yugoslav PTT, Serbia)

Nataša Gospić teaches subjects dealing with telecommunication networks and services in two Universities, Belgrade, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering and Banja Luka, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. She is the member of Telecommunication Regulatory Agency Council and president of NGO “Equal opportunity”. She received the B.Sc and M.Sc. degree from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Ph.D degree from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade.

Mme. Gospić’s expertise spans over 30 years of professional experiences in telecommunications from operational engineer up to assistant general director for R&D of CYPTT and the general manager of the mobile operator in Montenegro. Since 1990, she was engaged by International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as the lecturer in more then 35 workshops for CEE, CIS and other development countries. She is the author of three books and more then 80 scientific and expert papers, the editor of the ITU Handbook and several Guidelines. She was vice chairmen of the ITU-D SG 2 and Rapporteur for Q18/2, (Study period 2002-2006) what results is “Guidelines on the smooth transition from existing mobile networks to IMT 2000 for developing countries”.

She was chairperson of ITU Working Group on Gender Issues (2000-2006) and she was panelist during each of the WSIS phases in Geneva and Tunis.

Photo: Kelly Mr. Tim Kelly (ITU/TSB)

Dr Tim Kelly is Head of the Standardization Policy Division of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), where he has worked since 1993. Before joining ITU he spent five years as a Communications Policy Analyst with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and three years with Logica Consultancy Ltd. He has an MA (Hons) degree in Geography and a Ph.D in industrial economics from Cambridge University.

Over the last twenty years, Dr Kelly has specialised in the economics of the telecommunications industry. He has written or co-authored more than 30 books on the subject including the ITU's “Internet Reports” and “World Information Society Reports”. He was in charge of the “content team” for the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), which concluded in November 2005. He is a visiting scholar at the business school of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
Photo: Visser Ms. Diana Korskaite (Communications Authority, Lithuania)

Diana Korsakaite was awarded the Master degree in Business management and administration by the Vilnius University in 1999. Now she continues her studies as a doctoral student at the Kaunas University of Technology. Till 2004, Ms. Korsakaite worked as a professor’s assistant in Vilnius University, lecturing courses on business management and strategy management.

In June 2002 Ms. Korsakaite joined the newly established Communications Regulatory Authority (RRT) as a Chief Specialist of Telecommunications Regulation Division, Telecommunications Department. Since October 2004, she has been leading Strategy Department, responsible for strategy and planning activities, organizational development issues, economic analysis of market development, international and public relations. She was designated deputy director of the Authority since February 2007. The area of her responsibilities includes Legal and Strategy issues.
Tatiana Kurakova (Counsellor, ITU-T Study Group 19)

Tatiana Kurakova holds a Masters degree with excellent diploma (cum laudis) in Radio Engineering and Electronics from Moscow Aviation University, Russia. After finishing the Post-Graduated Courses of the same University, she worked as a junior research officer in the Scientific Research Laboratory of the Moscow Aviation University and later for over 10 years in Russian telecommunication private sector.

Currently she is an engineer of the Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (TSB) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). She also follows the activities of Study Group 4 “Telecommunication Management” and Study Group 19 “Mobile Telecommunication Networks” and NGN GSI. She was a speaker and panelist at several seminars/conferences/forums.

Phot: * Prof Vladimir Minkin (Chairman, TDAG, Deputy Director-General, NIIR, Russian Federation)

С 1972 по 2000 г. работал в отделе радиорелейных систем Государственного Научно-исследовательского института Радио, Москва, Россия, (в настоящее время ФГУП НИИР) в качестве м.н.с, с.н.с., начальника лаборатории и отдела. Руководитель и участник разработок систем и оборудования цифровых радиорелейных систем. С 2000 г. заместитель Генерального директора ФГУП НИИР по науке, ответственный за международную деятельность.

С 1975 г. принимал участие в работе МСЭ-R (ИК9, КГР, АР, ВКР, РКР), с 1986 г. МСЭ-Т (ИК4, ИК 13, КГСЭ, ВАСЭ), с 2000 г. МСЭ-Д (КГРЭ, ВКРЭ) и Совета. Председатель РГ9А (1993-2000 гг.), Вице-Председатель (1990-2000 гг.), затем Председатель ИК9 МСЭ-R (2000-2007 гг.). С 2006 г. Председатель КГРЭ и Председатель Рабочей Группы Совета МСЭ по ВВУИО, Вице-Председатель Рабочей группы Совета МСЭ по языкам. Неоднократно участвовал в работе ПК, ВВУИО, АР, ВКР, РКР, ВАСЭ, ВКРЭ. Руководил Комитетами на АР-03 и АР-07.

Принимает участие в работе РСС и СЕПТ. Руководил Рабочей группой КМС РСС по работе с МСЭ (подготовка к ПК, ВВУИО, ВКРЭ, ВАСЭ и др.).

Ряд лет преподавал в МТУСИ в качестве доцента (курс по ЦРРЛ). В настоящее время периодически читает лекции как приглашенный профессор.

Инженер-радиофизик (диплом с отличием) МЭИ, 1970 г.; к.т.н. ,1982 г.; д.т.н. 2000 г., МТУСИ.

Академик Международной академии связи и Международной Академии информатизации.

Phot: * Mr. Nurudin Mukhitdninov (Director-General, RCC Executive Committee)

Нурудин Мухитдинов – Исполнительный комитет Регионального содружества в области связи, Генеральный директор.

Родился 18 марта 1959 года в городе Курган-Тюбе, Таджикистан.

Окончил Ташкентский электротехнический институт связи по специальности радиосвязь и радиовещание.

После окончания института прошел путь от рядового инженера, руководителя предприятия связи до Министра связи Республики Таджикистан.

Активно участвовал в создании программ реформы инфраструктуры Республики Таджикистан.

Будучи главой Администрации связи Таджикистана принимал активное участие в становлении и развитии Регионального содружества в области связи.

В 2003 году Н. Мухитдинов был выдвинут и избран на пост Генерального директора Исполкома РСС, где и работает в настоящее время.

Имеет научные труды. Кандидат экономических наук, является заслуженным работником Республики Таджикистан

Turhan Muluk (Intel)

Turhan Muluk joined Intel in February 2006. He is working at EMEA Communications Team as Wireless Standards and Regulations Manager, responsible from Government Affairs.

Turhan Muluk is also Middle East and Africa Chairman of WiMAX Forum, Regulatory Working Group.

Before joining to Intel he worked 14 years for Turk Telekom at different wireless projects (such as WLL, GSM, Wi-Fi, WiMAX etc.). He is involved ETSI, ITU, IEEE wireless studies and currently vice rapporteur at ITU-D Q18/2, Q20/2 Groups. He is graduated from Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of the METU, Turkey and a member of IEEE.
Mr. Riccardo Passerini (Head, Telecommunication Technologies and Network Development Division, Telecommunications Development Bureau (BDT), ITU)

At present he is working in International Telecommunication Union (ITU) – Geneva, as Senior Telecommunication Engineer (Networks and Services) in the Development Sector (BDT) , Technologies and Network Development Unit (TND)

He has been dealing with Telecommunication Networks since 1984 in Superior Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technologies (Italy) as chief of Networks and Services Department. There, he has been responsible for defining National Specifications, managing Type Approval Process (Homologation) of Equipment and Systems, co-ordinating International and National Committee activities like ITU and ETSI meeting.

He has been also involved in activities related to the regulatory aspects, like numbering and interconnection, of the liberalization process of Telecommunications in the European Countries.

He joined ITU at the beginning of 2001 as part of permanent staff, after having been collaborating with ITU since 1991 as Expert on Telecommunication Networks and Services, being responsible of Technical Specifications definition and Network Planning for ITU projects in a number of different Countries.

Mr. Passerini graduated in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering from University “La Sapienza ”Roma” with Magna cum Laude in 1981.
Photo: Visser Mr. Vladimir Shestakov (MTUCI, Russian Federation)

Шестаков Владимир Владимирович - специалист в области инфокоммуникационных технологий, метрологического обеспечения отрасли «Связь»

В 1979 г. окончил Ташкентский Электротехнический Институт Связи по специальности радиосвязь и вещание.

С 1972 по 1981 г.г. работал в Научно практической лаборатории Республиканского узла радиовещания и телевидения (г. Алма-Ата ).

Разработка измерительного и тестирующего оборудования для радиовещательных и телевизионных центров.

1982 - 1985 МТУСИ. Аспирантура. (г. Москва).

Спутниковые системы с МДВР: Моделирование и измерения.

1986 – по настоящее время. МТУСИ.

Обеспечение учебного процесса вычислительной техникой, сетевыми ресурсами и программным обеспечением; построение и эксплуатация компьютерной сети; создание и эксплуатация подсистем АСУ; научное руководство вычислительным центром; научная и педагогическая деятельность.

Занимаемые должности и обязанности:

1.Главный специалист по вычислительной технике.

Должностные обязанности в структуре организации: формировать программы Развития инфокоммуникационных технологий в ВУЗе; определять перспективы развития сети ВУЗа; организовывать работы по развитию автоматизированных систем управления ВУЗом; организовывать работы по поддержанию работоспособности сети ВУЗа; осуществлять подготовку договорных документов по получению и предоставлению услуг сети Интернет и каналов передачи данных ; контролировать использование сетевых ресурсов в подразделениях и на кафедрах ВУЗа; осуществлять контроль за своевременным обновлением парка ВТ и вносить предложения ректору о порядке приоритетного приобретения средств ВТ;

2.Доцент кафедры «Метрология и Измерения в технике связи».

3. Начальник госбюджетного научно-технического отдела «Информационных технологий и систем».
Разработка проекта «Электронный университет».

4. Зам. Научного руководителя НИУКЦ «Метролог»
Переподготовка специалистов метрологов отрасли «Связь».

5. Заведующий двух хозрасчетных научно-исследовательских лабораторий.
А. Метрологическое обеспечение отрасли «Связь».
Б. Инфокоммуникационные технологии.

Mr. Ignat Stanev (International Teletraffic Congress, Bulgaria)

Technical University, Sofia, BULGARIA - Engineer in Computers and Doctor in Computer-Aided Design

Professional experience:
From 1971 to 1978 Engineer and Research Associate in the Central Institute for Computers, Sofia.
From 1978 to 2004 Research Associate and Senior Research Associate in the Telecom Research Institute (ISRT) to the Bulgarian Telecom Company. Participation and leadership in many projects in the field of teletraffic edgineering and network planning.
From 2005 Assoc. Professor lecturing on Telecommunications Networks in the Higher College of Telecommunications and Posts, Sofia, Bulgaria.
From 1981 to 1983 participation in ITU project for development of network planning software - that software was further developed under the name PLANITU.
In 1988-91 planning of the East/South-East European Regional International Network - ITU project EUROTELDEV.
From 1986 participation in the studies of CCITT/CAS and later in ITU/SG2.
In 1991-92 and 1993-94 visit in CNET, Paris, FRANCE TELECOM, on projects connected with the development of tools for planning of National and Intelligent networks.
From 2000 visiting professor in DTU (Denmark Technical University) on network planning.
From 1984 many missions as ITU expert and lecturer on network planning.
From 2001 Member of the International Advisory Council of the International Teletraffic Congress (ITC) and Chairman of ITC-COM3 Developing Countries Matters.

Over 100 papers in international and national congresses, magazines, scientific journals.\

Ms. Asel Tulegenova (Chief Manager of Technology Processes Management Department, JSC Kazakhtelecom)

Тулегенова Асель Бекежановна - специалист в области формализации и автоматизации сквозных технологических процессов.

В 1999г. окончила Алматинский институт энергетики и связи по специальности инженер электросвязи, в 2004 году заочно окончила аспирантуру Алматинского института энергетики и связи. В 1996 году прошла обучение в университете «Hohenheim» г.Штуттгарт, Германия.

В период с 1999 по 2000г. работала преподавателем кафедры АЭС Алматинского института энергетики и связи.

В АО «Казахтелеком» работает с 2000 года:

С 2000 по 2003 г.г. работала в Алматинской областной дирекции телекоммуникаций, начальником Центра инвестиций, проектирования. Экспертиз и строительства.

С 2003 года работает в Центральном Аппарате в должности главного менеджера Департамента управления технологическими процессами.

В настоящее время по роду деятельности А.Тулегенова занимается вопросами формализации, регламентации и построения прозрачных технологических процессов эксплуатации Общества, соответствующих международным стандартам (еТОМ TMF, ITU-T и т.д.); выработки ключевых показателей (метрик) идентифицированных технологических процессов; автоматизации технологических процессов с использованием информационных систем.

Награждена Почетной грамотой за безупречный труд и личный вклад в развитие АО «Казахтелеком».

Mr. Alexandre V. Vassiliev (ITU Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R), Radiocommunication Bureau (BR))

Counsellor of ITU-R Study Group 7 (Science services) and Woriking Party 5B (Maritime and aeronautical mobile, and radiodetermination services)

Alexandre VASSILIEV has worked in the ITU since 1989 in Radiocommunication services and in the Study Group departments He was involved in development of Regional and Wold-wide Plans for terrestrial and space services and participated in many World and Regional Radiocommunication Conferences. He represented ITU at meetings of UN Agencies, Regional Groups and other international organizations. Mr. Vassiliev organized and actively participated in many ITU seminars/workshops on spectrum management and other radiocommunication issues.

Prior to joining ITU, Mr VASSILIEV worked as the Deputy Director of the Leningrad’s regional radio research and development institute (LONIIR). He was responsible for departments carrying out the studies in spectrum management and development of equipment for satellite and radio relay systems.
Photo: Visser Mr. John Visser (Chairman, ITU-T SG 19, ITU)

John Visser earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada in 1973. After gaining practical experience in divers areas within military communications as an officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, John joined Bell-Northern Research, then the R&D arm of Nortel Networks, in 1978. Since then, he has been involved in many key network standards, systems engineering, planning, product design, and product line management support activities for many years. He has an extensive background in SS7, ISDN, Intelligent Networks and mobile networks, and has held a series of positions of increasing responsibility, both internally and within standards bodies, in these areas over his career with Nortel Networks. Together with prior activities in ANSI T1, TIA, and other areas in ITU T, and the 3G Partnership Projects, John is very active in International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT 2000) standardization work in ITU T. In October 2000, John was appointed Chairman of the ITU T Special Study Group (SSG) on "IMT 2000 and Beyond." In October 2004, he was appointed Chairman of the successor to ITU T Special Study Group SG 19 “Mobile Telecommunication Networks”. The SSG/SG 19 has been successfully globalizing the 3GPP and 3GPP2 specifications as adopted by their partner organizations, and progressing the vision and requirements for the core network infrastructure of next generation mobile systems. The latter includes inter-system mobility management, and the convergence of fixed and mobile networks. John is a member of the Advisory Board of the Advanced Software Engineering Research and Training (ASERT) Laboratories at the University of Ottawa and Carleton University. He is also a guest lecturer at Carleton University and a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars. John is a Registered Professional Engineer in the province of Ontario and a member of IEEE.

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