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Mr. Zhao's welcome address
I have been to Korea six times, usually visiting Seoul, although last year I had the pleasure of visiting Busan for Telecom Asia. I would like to have been able to join you on the beautiful island of Jeju, but due to the overlapping of this workshop and the TSAG meeting in Geneva, which as many of you know is fundamental to the work of ITU-T, I am unable to come this time.

Just one year ago, although ITU had taken several measures to strengthen its work on NGN standardization ITU was under heavy pressure from the market as well as from its Members that ITU had to take some urgent actions to address the NGN study. With the support of ITU Members, finally the Focus Group on NGN was created in May 2004. This group was setup with unprecedented speed as a response to what key market players were telling us was a pressing need for global standards on NGN.

Since May 2004 intense work has taken place in the FGNGN and across many of ITU-T’s study groups. WTSA-2004 also supported the FGNGN.
The work of the FG NGN now has gained a real momentum. Since December 2004 we have started to see the first outputs of the group that will form part of the Release 1 specifications for NGN.

I am very pleased to see the level of progress in the FGNGN so far, and would like to express great satisfaction for the results received so far.

Among many aspects which have contributed to the success of this FGNGN, I would like to pay special tribute to Mr. Chae-Sub Lee, Chairman of the FGNGN, a Korean expert who has worked with ITU for many years.

To conclude my short remarks, I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to the speakers and session organizers. My thanks to the Korean sponsors. Last but not least, I thank the Korean hosts and the Korean team who support our workshop. At the last minute, they managed support for an ITU Assistant to join this meeting.

I hope you enjoy this workshop.

Houlin Zhao
Director of the Telecommunication
Standardization Bureau


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