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Workshop on "Next Generation Networks: What, When and How ?"
"Encompassing Services, Transport Convergence, mobility issues and more..."
Geneva, 9-10 July 2003


This Workshop was convened by joint efforts of ITU-T Study Group 11, Study Group 13 and Special Study Group.

Next Generation Networks (NGN) is a catch-all phrase for the infrastructure that will enable the advanced new services that are expected to be offered by mobile and fixed network operators in the future, while continuing to support all of today’s existing services. To achieve interoperability for seamless services at a global level, the industry must work with leading global standard organizations such as ITU-T. Consumer expectations for broadband services and 3G mobile are high. And this means that the industry - service providers and equipment and platform manufacturers and vendors - has to make sure that services live up to the hype. This workshop offers a unique opportunity to all players to meet and discuss the challenges and pertinent issues.

The NGN concept is commonly referred to through various fundamental characteristics, such as:
  • Use of Packet-based transfer mechanisms,
  • Increasingly separated control functions for bearer resources, call/sessions and services/applications,
  • Decoupling of service provisioning from network access,
  • Support for a wide range of services and information flows (including real time/streaming/non-real time services, point-to-point, multipoint, broadcast and multicast voice, data, video and multi-media applications),
  • Seamless Interworking with legacy networks,
  • Support of Generalized mobility,
  • Provision of unfettered users access, via modern high speed access technologies, to competing service providers and/or services of their choice.

The overall objectives of this workshop were to:

  • Understand the service and technology drivers for NGN.
  • Explore the emerging New generation service challenges.
  • Compare fixed and mobile network approaches to NGN.
  • Examine how NGN and the Internet are complementary.
  • Discuss how NGN will help Fixed and Mobile services converge.
  • Identify key standards needed, and discuss how standards gaps can be filled.

Workshop programme and presentation
Convening letter (TSB Circular 154)
Steering Committee
Additional Information  
NGN-2004 Project Management Meeting  
Final Report

ITU-T Guide for Beginners

The workshop was audio webcast. To listen to the archive, please go to:


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