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 ISO/ITU Joint Workshop on Standards on ITS Communications
 Kyoto, Japan, 24 August 2011 (9:30 - 12:45) Contact:

Opening address from ISO; Mr. Andy Dryden (ISO Secretariat)

Good morning everyone. It is great to be back in Japan again - Kyoto is a wonderful city. This is probably my second or third visit to Kyoto alone, but this is my first representing ISO and the Central Secretariat. I want to take a moment to thank our hosts today - TTC and NICT - for organizing these ISO TC204 meetings, the ITU meetings this week, and also this important workshop today. Also thanks to ITU for their cooperation and collaboration in recent weeks in preparation for this meeting. I know that my colleagues at ISO have been concerned about the events that took place in Northern Japan earlier this year, which threw into question the possibility of having ISO related meetings in this country for a while. And even though we are a little farther away here in Kyoto from where the most serious incidents have occurred, I think the fact we are here is a great tribute to our hosts that we are able to have meetings of this sort in Japan again so soon.

So it is a real treat to be here today to participate in some discussion of the things that are happening in the ITS industry and the possibility of new paths forward with joint activity. As many of you know, ISO has been involved in ITS standards for many years, and has produced dozens of standards in this space, especially thanks to the participants of ISO TC204. Many of these standards in particular have focused on ITS communications, which have evolved in large part from TC204 WG16, who has been meeting here this week. Work on CALM standards, ITS security frameworks and standards, and work on ITS communications standards to improve road safety are just some of the issues TC204 has been involved in for quite some time.

In addition, ITU obviously brings a lot of expertise in communications, and I will let my colleague Reinhard Scholl speak about that in a minute, so it seems to make sense to examine how ISO and ITU can cooperate and bring together our two worlds at an interesting time for the ITS industry. Our two organizations are in a crowded arena, so any time we can talk about increasing global reach on pertinent projects, particularly ITS issues, we must take advantage of these opportunities, like this workshop.

ISO has worked with ITU in other areas, including the Fully Networked Car - which is an annual workshop held at the Geneva Auto Show, and ISO leadership sees the merit in the potential of this additional joint activity that is going to be discussed today, We are also interested in the idea of additional relevant stakeholders with shared interests coming together, including those that have developed many of the ITS standards so far, and also those who have not yet participated or been able to contribute much to date. Based on a quick look at the people in this room, it seems there is quite a broad range of interest in exploring this further.

At the same time, we are mindful of the authority and the standard development processes of the two parent groups, for both ISO and ITU. In ISO's case, we are respectful of the work that TC204 in particular is doing, including their balloting and approval of work items. All in all though, we think there could be many benefits to creating harmonized global standards that meet industry needs in a timely fashion, and this is one thing ISO is putting extra focus on as part of its Strategic Plan for the next five years - quality standards that are quick to market.

We look forward to this important discussion today to see where it leads us, and to seeing what makes sense for all parties involved here.


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