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 ITU-T Workshop on "IP traffic flow measurement"
 Geneva, Switzerland, 24 March 2011 Contact: 
The question of whether or not—and if yes how—to use measurement of IP traffic flows in connection with billing for International Internet connections is a sensitive topic that has been extensively discussed within ITU-T Study Group 3 for many years. A summary of those discussions can be found at:
ITU-T Recommendation D.50 on International Internet Connection recommends that administrations take appropriate measures nationally to ensure that parties (including operating agencies authorized by Member States) involved in the provision of international Internet connections negotiate and agree to bilateral commercial arrangements, or other arrangements as agreed between administrations, enabling direct international Internet connections that take into account the possible need for compensation between them for the value of elements such as traffic flow, number of routes, geographical coverage and cost of international transmission, and the possible application of network externalities, amongst others [emphasis added].

In that light, proposals have been submitted to the effect that that the traffic flows referred to in D.50 should be measured by using data that can be obtained from routers using the BGP protocol, that is, by using the traffic flow data of BGP routers.

Those proposals raised various questions and it was agreed to further study the matter. In particular, it was agreed to organize a session in which experts on IP traffic flow measurement would be invited to speak, with the objective of presenting the technical and operational issues related to IP traffic flow measurement.
To bring all participants up to a common level of understanding regarding the measurement of IP traffic flows, in particular:
  • What is technically possible without modifications to basic protocols such as BGP.
  • What is actually implemented in practice today.
  • What is IP traffic flow measurement used for today, in particular with respect to financial and billing matters.
  • What are the likely future developments regarding IP traffic flow measurement, in particular work in the IETF.
Target Audience
Participants from ITU-T Study Group 3, which studies tariff and accounting principles including related telecommunication economic and policy issues.

Any other participants interested in this topic. Participants should be be familiar with basic telecommunications billing and accounting matters.


Please take a few minutes to respond to the following survey, which is designed to assess your satisfaction with this event. Information that you provide will be treated confidentially (only overall ratings will be published). Thank you for your time.

Information and Documentation
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General Information
  • Organized by: ITU-T
  • Steering Committee
  • Venue: ITU Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland (Rue de Varembé 2)
  • Date: 24 March 2011
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