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IP-Telecoms Interworking Workshop (Numbering, Naming, Addressing and Routing)
Report of IP-Telecoms Interworking Workshop
(Numbering, Naming, Addressing and Routing)
ITU, Geneva 25-27 January 2000
The International Telecommunication Union sponsored an IP-Telecoms Interworking Workshop focusing on Numbering, Naming, Addressing, and Routing that was held in Geneva from 25-27 January 2000, chaired by Mr. Fred Gaechter, Rapporteur for Question 1/2. Mr. Gary Richenaker prepared this Report.

During the meeting the following agreements were reached:

1) In concept, the definitions currently contained in ITU Draft Recommendation E.191 for Name, Address, Number and End-User were generally agreed to for use during this meeting. (See Attachment 2).

2) There are no interworking issues that need to be resolved within the existing scope of ENUM.

3) ITU-T participants will review the current iteration of ENUM and other related documents and liaise their comments to the ENUM working group and other relevant working groups following the SG2 meeting in March.

4) There was agreement on 14 Issues to be addressed either by the IETF, the ITU, or jointly by the IETF-ITU. The Issues and their disposition are contained in Attachment 1.

At the conclusion of the meeting the following work plan was agreed:

1) Issues unique to a specific forum will be input to that forum from participants at this workshop.

2) The ITU-T will establish a web site for access to the documents distributed at the meeting, and the meeting report.

3) The IETF will establish a mailing list to allow for collaboration with ITU participants.

4) For joint collaboration work, a conference call will be scheduled in April to discuss the progress of the agreed to work items. This conference call between the ITU and IETF management team will follow both the SG2 and IETF meetings in March. Future meetings may be required.

5) ITU collaborators are welcome to participate in IETF activities on an ongoing basis.

6) The various Web and email addresses for follow-up work are listed over the page.

7) The Workshop Agenda is contained in Attachment 3 and the list of participants in Attachment 4.

Web and Email Addresses

1. The IETF has provided the following email addresses on which you can follow ongoing collaborative work arising from this Workshop: 2. For information on IETF ENUM Work Group (E.164 resolution) charter and Mail List:

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IP-Telecoms Interworking Workshop Presentations
  • IPW-2 Workshop Introduction
    Presented by Mr. Fred Gaechter (Rapporteur, Q1/2)
  • IPW- 3 Numbering, Naming, and Addressing at ITU-T Study Group 2
    Presented by Mr. Fred Gaechter (Rapporteur, Q1/2)
  • IPW-4 IETF EMUM WG Proposal
    Presented by Richard Shockey (Representing IETF)
  • IPW-5 Overview of Routing & Interworking Plans for Fixed & Mobile Networks
    ITU-T Study Group 2 (Network & Service Operations) Question 2 (Routing)
    Presented by Mr. Gerald Ash (AT&T)
  • IPW-6 Brief Overview of ITU and ITU-T Approval Process for Recommendations
    Presented by Mr. John Tar (Head, Department of Support, Administration and Operations and Counsellor for ITU-T Study Group 2)
  • IPW-7 Internet Standardization and the IETF
    Presented by Mr. Fred Baker (IETF Chair)
  • IPW-8 IETF - Areas of Work
    Presented by Mr. Patrik Fältström (IETF Area Director, Applications Area)
  • IPW-9 Beyond Naming & Addressing : Identifying & Reaching
    Presented by Mr. Keith Knightson (Nortel Networks)
  • IPW-10 User Identification Solutions in Converging Networks
    Presented by Mr. Mike Pluke (Castle Consulting Ltd.)
  • IPW-11 TIPHON Perspective on VoIP Numbering
    Presented by Mr. John Horrocks (DTI), TIPHON WG4 Chair
  • IPW-12 Number Portability Impacts on IP & Telecoms Interworking
    Presented by Mr. James Yu (NeuStar, Inc.)
  • IPW-13 Interworking Between Public Data Networks and the Internet
    A Numbering Perspective
    Presented by Mr. Peter Hicks (Rapporteur ITU-T SG7 Q3: Data Network Numbering)
  • IPW-14 The Internet Registry System
    IPv4 & IPv6 Allocation Policy Development
    Presented by Ms. Mirjam Kühne (RIPE NCC)
  • IPW-15 Numbering/Addressing in Private Integrated Services Networks (PISN) ECMA
NNAR Workshop Issues 4 and 5
Information for IETF relevant to E.164-DNS Interworking
Information for IETF relevant to Carrier Slection / Preselection
NNAR Workshop Issues 1 and 14
Information for IETF relevant to Number Portability
ITU-T Recommendations and Supplements relevant to the Working Group
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