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Workshop on Standardization in E-Health
Geneva, 23-25 May 2003

CVs of the speakers

Martin D. Denz
Swiss Medical Association FMH
Healthcare Informatics / eHealthcare
Elfenstrasse 18, CH-3000 Bern 16
Phone +41/31/359-1111
Fax +41/31/359-1112

Focus Medical and Academical Activities
1977 – 1984  Studies of Political Philosophy, Ethnology and Medicine, University of Basel, Graduation from the Medical School of the University of Basel.
1985  Doctoral thesis: "Drug addiction in women – gender-related differences of social integration in adolescent narcotic addicts", University of Basel.
1993  Board Certification (Facharzttitel FMH) for Internal Medicine.
1996  Board Certification (Facharzttitel FMH) for General Medicine.
1999  Board Certification (Facharzttitel FMH) for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy.
1994 – 2001  Lectureship for Psychosocial Medicine at the Medical Faculty of the University Zürich.
1996 – 2001  Funded research activities in the field of Psychosomatics and Psychooncology.
1995 – 2002  Expert of the Swiss Cancer League for psychosocial aspects in Melanoma.
ongoing activities Psychooncological support and educational intervention in risk-behavior.
Patient-physician-relationship, patients' information, satisfaction and compliance.
Development of roles and identity in healthcare professionals and patients.
Focus Medical Informatics and Managed Care
1996 – 1999 Vice-Director of the Division of Evaluation and Medical Informatics at the Psychiatric University Hospital of Zürich.
2000 – today  Vice-President oft the Swiss Society for Medical Informatics SSMI-SGMI.
2001 – today  Founding Member of the Board of the Swiss Association for Telemedicine SGTM.
2001 – today  Member of the Editorial Board of the Swiss Journal of Managed Care and Care Management, Member of the Event Committee of the Swiss Forum Managed Care.
2002 – today  Lectureship for eHealth at the University for Health Informatics and Technology Tyrol.
ongoing activities  Director and Board Member of several national committees in the field of educational development in Medical Informatics, for Hospital Information Systems and Medical Classification. Reviewer for the International Medical Informatics Association. Expert at the Swiss Academies of Medical Sciences and of Engineering Sciences.
Focus Management and eHealthcare
1994 – 1999  Analytical and systemic education with focus on organizational development.
Training in the management fields of consulting, coaching and mediation.
1999 – 2000  Graduate of the College-M Advanced Healthcare Management Programme, Bern.
1999 – 2002  Personal Collaborator of the Physician in Chief at the University Hospital Zürich,
Head Medical Hospital Management USZ and Chief Executive Consultant USZ.
2000  Graduate of the INSEAD European Healthcare Leadership Programme, Fontainebleau.
2000 – 2001  Chief Taskforce eHealth, Chief Medical Officer of the Internet-Hotline USZ.
2001 – 2002  Member of the Steering Committee eHealth USZ, eHealth-Consultant.
2001 – today  Chairman and Co-Organizer of the annual Conference (Univ. Zürich).
2002 – today  Head Healthcare Informatics/eHealthcare of the Swiss Medical Association FMH, Bern.
2002 – today  Member of the College-M's Executive Committee, Head eLearning College-M.
2002 – 2003  MasterCourse for Health Information Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam.
ongoing activities  Editor and publications for eBusiness in healthcare and development of eHealthcare. Member of the INSEAD advisory group at the Healthcare Management Initiative (HMI) of the INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France. Research and Development for Online-Advice on the Internet and for Web-related behavioral support and Integrated HealthCare Services. Expert for the electronic Health Card at the Swiss Federal Social Insurance Office (BSV). Swiss representative at the European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL).

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